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Naplánovaná událost Network - Misie Networky

Komunikace networku bude v angličtině / Network communication in English

Network vision

Bringing together practitioners and participants who are working to advance the Gospel in ways that cross cultural borders, both those coming into the Czech Republic and those going out from the Czech Republic, in order to improve our understanding and effectiveness in our various ministries.

Network target group


The theme of this year’s network

Mission Hub

Network leader

Andrew Funka

Topic of block I:

The 6 Essential Components of Mission (Preston Pearce)

Topic of block II:

Discipleship (Tomáš Grulich)

Topic of block III:

Leadership (David Novák)

Topic of block IV:

Re-learning Mobilization (David Symon)

Vedoucí networku

Řečníci networku