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Naplánovaná událost Network - Misie Networky

Komunikace networku bude v angličtině / Network communication in English

Network vision

Bringing together practitioners and participants who are working to advance the Gospel in ways that cross cultural borders, both those coming into the Czech Republic and those going out from the Czech Republic, in order to improve our understanding and effectiveness in our various ministries.

Network target group

cross-cultural missionaries

The theme of this year’s network

Mission Hub

Network leader

Andrew Funka

Topic of block I:

The Six Components of the Core Mission Task (Preston Pearce)

The Lord Jesus gave to the church an immense task commonly termed “the Great Commission”: to make disciples of the nations. The whole task belongs to the whole church, and it is larger than one person, local church, organization, or network. Different people, churches, and other groups may make different contributions to the overall task. Seeing the task in terms of its components may help people, teams, and organizations see where they fit, where they excel, where they need to grow, or partner, or perhaps why they have not seen what they expected. This session is about the six components of the core mission task as used by the International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention (USA), an evangelical organization with around 3,500 missionaries placed globally in various components of the task.

Topic of block II:

Leadership (David Novák)

What does good leadership look like in the Czech context? How can missionaries encourage and help with the development of healthy, Biblical leadership?

Topic of block III:

Re-learning Mobilization (David Symon)

From examples of current trends in mission found in the growing sending movement from the Czech Republic.

Topic of block IV:

Discipleship (Tomáš Grulich)

Rediscovering discipleship: where are the pitfalls in the traditional evangelical understanding of the gospel, evangelism, and spiritual formation? What are the current trends for effective disciple-makers in the Czech culture as well as in other cultures? Two or three lessons from micro-church.

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